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Automatic Coolant

Return Systems

Our Heavy-duty Automatic Coolant Return Systems are designed to automatically collect and drain flood coolant while still in operation. No down time is needed to drain this self-sensing, self-contained unit. Our coolant returns are easy to run and mounts near your coolant tray to any type of machine.


Please reference Vac-U-Lok's Warranty Information page regarding the specific details / conditions that make up your product warranty on our systems.  We strongly encourage our customers to develop a regular maintenance program for their investments.  Keeping your system well-oiled and filters checked on a regular basis insures the the system will be making money for you when you need it most.  Routine inspections, oil, and filter changes are all important in maintaining the life span of your system to maximize the return on your investment.  While our systems are highly reliable and low-maintenance, a consistent and thorough PM plan on the part of the customer will prevent the chance of a system going down. Please note that Vac-U-Lok is the sole determiner of maintenance issues covered under your warranty.  

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